Friday, October 23, 2009

Judicial Election Letter

Part Two of Three

Robert Wagner, MD

Did the Potter County voters really believe that my letter was completed? You should
know better. If I'm anything, I'm loquacious.
To view Part One click here.

To review part one you will recall I presented a series of questions to the prospective
Judicial candidates, Dan Glassmire and Steve Minor, the answers requested by me as a Potter
County voter, a taxpayer and citizen. Within three days Dan Glassmire responded to all
questions and I documented them in the prior publication. Steve Minor did not respond.

On the question of personal corporate memberships my research disclosed numerous
commercial and residential properties held by Mr. Minor under the name Sonmar, Inc. This
corporation belonging to Steve, his wife Marie (the Mar), John Wright and Sonia Wright (the
Son). The corporate bureau of PA still lists this as an active corporation. Some citizens believe
Steve and Marie are no longer members but I refer to the recent listing. if they are not I guess
they could prove this by showing K1 corporate tax forms or a copy of the financial agreement
ending the corporation. You will recall these are some of the properties that John Wright,
Executive Director of the Potter County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities is unable to
calculate the % of HUD occupancy. Maybe John and Steve could hire Dan Glassmire to figure
this out. He seemed to be able to answer that be had six rental properties and one of them was
rented to a HUD client in the last two years.

Do we as taxpayers have a right to know who is getting our tax monies? The answer if

Does this have anything to do with the Judicial race? It certainly does. If someone is
injured on one of the properties shouldn’t we know their connection to the Judge? What if John
rents the same apartment to two HUD clients because of his lack of knowledge and one of them
sues Sonmar, LLC.

In addition to membership in Sonmar, Steve has continued to be the attorney for this
corporation and frequently for the corporations known as Choice Property Management LLC,
Choice Property Holdings LLC and the more recently incorporated Sterling Venture Group LLC.
The first is said by the members to be a Pennsylvania Corporation. The latter two are
incorporated in Nevada. These corporations have millions of dollars worth of properties in
Potter County, McKean County, Tioga County in PA and in Allegany County, NY.

Members of the above corporations who have signed for properties and mortgages will be
listed in two columns I will call the Minor column and the Watson column.

Minor Column

Watson Column

David Minor, Sr.

Luke Watson

Lorraine Minor

Megan Watson

John Minor

Becky Chapell

Gina Minor

Andrew Chapell

Jason Holmberg
(Mr. Holmberg is David’s nephew)

Doug Watson

Their ownership of the myriad properties include PA Pellets, Ulysses Lumber Company, Donis Apartment building and many others.

PA Pellets received a $325,000.00 grant a couple years ago. How much grant money have you and your family received recently?

What is the relevance to the Judgeship?
Let’s assume you are an employee injured in a fire at PA Pellets. There is criminal negligence involved. The police bring their findings to new DA Andy Watson, first cousin of the above mentioned Watsons, who then discusses this case with his law partner David Ross, nephew of David and Lorraine Minor. The case will then be heard by Judge Steve Minor whose Father, Mother, Brother, Sister-in-law and cousin own the half of the PA Pellets the Watsons don’t own. Might you be a little concerned?

Some of the money involved in the above transactions:

1. Susan Watson d/b/a Millcreek Enterprises from Choice Property Management $500,000.00

2. First Citizen’s Bank to Choice Property Management, $939,500.00 line of credit.

3. Sonmar LLC from Choice Property Management, $300,000.00

4. First Citizen’s Bank to Choice Property Management $130,000.00

5. First Citizen’s Bank to Choice Property Management $374,000.00

6. First Citizen’s Bank to Choice Property Management $782,750.00

There are many more. I don’t want to bore you. The dates are on the enclosed documents. Phil Vaughn’s First Citizen’s Bank in Ulysses seems to be supplying most of these loans. I believe Phil is President of John Wright’s Housing and Redevelopment Authorities Board. John Wright seems in an upbeat mood lately. Some of the folks in the middle of town are acting more prosperous too. This is likely a sign that John is getting some stimulus money. John might be able to get you some money but you need to know the Password, FOJ, LLC (Friend of John, don’t forget the LLC).

I will be at the Spaghetti Dinner at the Coudersport American Legion Sunday October, 25th at 4 PM. Bring any
questions and I will try to answer them.

Robert E. Wagner

Attachment Documents are available by clicking here.


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