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An Open Letter to the Voters Concerning the November Political Election

author: Robert Wagner

This is Part One, Click Here for Part Two

In the spring of this year, full page ads occurred in the local newspaper or newspapers attacking the honesty and credibility of Judge Leete. These letters occurred as the result of Judge Leete's decision in a property dispute in Pike Township. One of the defendants in this case who was on the losing side in this decision, happened to be a friend of Judge Leete who met with John and other friends in Galeton for coffee, breakfast and conversation from time to time. He and the co-defendants might have thought this would give them an advantage in court but this was not the case.

I have known Judge Leete since he came back to Coudersport. I have at times, thought he may be a little easier on some criminal defendants than I would have been buy I have never doubted his honesty or integrity. This case was decided on it's merits and supported by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

Since Judge Leete is retiring, the defendants in the above case could only assault his character. They could and can attempt to destroy the character of the attorney and Judicial candidate who was the winning attorney in this case, Dan Glassmire. They are spending thousands of dollars in this vindictive attempt.

Since real estate law was the topic of this trial and a frequent reason for litigation before judges, I have composed a list of questions on this matter and mailed them to both candidates for Potter County Judge. I requested a reply by the thirteenth of October, 2009.

Both attorneys received my certified letters and Mr. Glassmire responded to the questions within two or three days. Mr. Minor did not respond. I will print my letter, Mr Glassmire's response and responses to the letter to Mr. Minor, which response is compiled by me through my research. Copies of all pertinent documents will be included and thus I plan to release this information over the next several days. You will find the infromation is fact and not conjecture.

Copies of letters can be found by clicking here.

The only addition to Mr. Galssmire's response is that the President of Northern Tier Abstract and presumably the only other stockholder is Attorney Alan Acker. If my research is wrong I will ask them to correct me.

Answers to questions posed to Mr. Minor, as supported by research and documentation.

1. Real Estate:

In addition to their home on Maple Street in Coudersport, the Minor's own a multi-unit apartment building on Rt. 6 West and located on the left side of the road across from the turn onto Elk Street. I have reason to believe that they own other unincorporated real estate, but do not have evidence of this currently.

2. Corporations:

A. Steve and Marie are corporate members with John and Sonia Wright in Sonmar, LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). The name is obviously derived from Sonia and Marie, the wives of the principals.

Sonmar owns or recently owned:

B. The large apartment building and commercial building on the corner of South Main Street and Allegany Avenue. This houses the China Garden restaurant, driver's license office, Dickinson Mental Health office and multiple apartments.
C. The Penney's building on North Main Street with commercial space and multiple apartments.
D. The mini-mall on Main Street next to the Courthouse Annex. This contains numerous commercial units as well as multiple apartments.
E. The Maple Tree restaurant on North Main street that has since been sold to Walter Baker individually or to his corporation Baker-Boyz Enterprises, LLC
F. The Dorris Apartments building on North Main Street. This is a multi-tenant building and was sold by Sonmar to Choice Property Management,LLC on 3/2/07. This corporation has many members and extensive real estate holdings. Members include: David Minor Sr., Lorraine Minor, John Minor, Gina Minor,el al.,
G. Steven P.B. Minor LLC, Corporate Office 219 N.Main Street, Port Allegany, PA

3. Attorney Minor has been an attorney of record for numerous transactions by the two corporations named Choice Property Management. LLC and Choice Property Holding,LLC. Corporate office for both corporations are listed as 255 Chapell Drive Coudersport, PA. The first corporation is a Pennsylvania Corporation the second is a Nevada corporation. Officers of the Nevada corporation are Becky Chapell, Douglas Watson and Julie Watson.

The Pennsylvania corporation is not listed in the corporate bureau.

Local members who have signed real estate documents include the Minor, Watson and Chapell families mentioned above and also include Luke Watson and Jason Holmberg who are listed as the President and Vice President of Choice Property Management. The latter two individuals are also the President and Vice President of PA Pellets, Inc. This corporation was the recipient of a 325,000.00 PA Energy Envelopment grant in 2007.

4. I have been unable to get a simple answer to the question of how many of the myriad apartments owned by Sonmar,et al. are HUD subsidized. John Wright, Executive Director of the Potter County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities says he does not know the answer to that question. Get real! How did he get his job?

Supporting documents can be found by clicking here.

Robert E. Wagner MD


195 N. Hollow Road

Coudersport, PA 16915

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