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Wagner Judicial Letter Part Three

Wagner Judicial Letter Part Three

Several people who have read parts one and two of this letter seem confused about which
David Minor is the subject of membership in the many corporations and real estate transactions.
Closer reading clearly states that it is David Minor, Senior.

David Minor, Jr. is divorced and I believe lives in Olean or Portville. He has fairly
extensive real estate holding in Cattaraugus County, here and possibly elsewhere but his name
does not appear on the corporation documents I have listed. I suspect there are other corporate
members and he could be one of them but that isn’t certain.

The members listed in the Minor Column and the Watson Column in part two have all
signed documents for the corporations Choice Property Management, LLC, Choice Property
Holdings, LLC and Sterling Venture Group, LLC. Many thousands of businesses are
incorporated in America but generally if their business remains the same so does their name.
Choice Property Management is said to be a Pennsylvania Corporation but is not listed with the
Corporation Bureau. Choice Property Holdings is listed as a Nevada Corporation and the later
Sterling Venture Group is also. The members always seem to be the same. The timber deed is
signed Choice Property Management and later as an afterthought an asterisk and a lined
statement says ~ known as Choice Property Holdings, LLC. If this alteration is legal
shouldn’t there be an initial next to it and shouldn’t it be notarized?

After reading some of these documents I begin to feel we are watching a “shell game.”
Read the first paragraph on page 8 of part two of this letter and tell me if you are as confused as I
am about who is doing what. Seems a little like Abbott and Costello and the who’s on first
routine. (This document reads Assignment of Mortgage).

These deals may all be on the “up & up” but they deserve to be investigated especially
since some of them involve government grants. I have been caffing for an investigation of the
Potter County Conspiracy for over twenty years but they have connections. Did you know that
David Ross, Sr. is an attorney in the Pennsylvania State Department? He is David Minor, Sr.’s
brother-in-law and the father of Andy Watson’s law partner, David Ross, Jr.

Before I move on I would like to answer a question for the lady who rented from Choice
Property Management’s Dorris Apartments. She had a concern and couldn’t fmd out who was
the owner of the building. Just get the phone numbers for the people on the Minor Column or
the Watson Column listed on part two of this letter and call them one at a time. If that doesn’t
work you could call Steve Minor who acted as their attorney or his partner John Wright. John is
the head of HUD and previous owner of this building under Sonmar, LLC. John may not be
much help, however, he seems to have a very limited knowledge of HUD even though he is the
Executive Director. Please refer to John’s letter to me on this subject incorporated in part one of
this letter.

Many of the local apartment owners are upset with John’s Authority because they believe
his government owned housing is unfairly competing with them. I’m told that some State Police
officers are living in the apartment complexes just off Ayers Hill Road and are getting special
rates since they are providing security. These are apartments previously built and owned by Bud
Lefever. Some of the other tenants there are physicians,are they getting subsidized rates, too?
Aren’t John’s subsidized rates supposed to help the needy? Does he have security in his other housing projects?
Is this a violation of law? I do not have proof of these allegations but believe
the sources know what they are talking about. The reader can take these questions to John but
beware of his answers. The answers he’s provided to my inquiries in the past have been perfect
examples of being “Baffled with Bullshit.” (I’ll ask the Lord’s forgiveness but you know there are
some pretty strong words in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament, when hypocrisy was an

I'm enclosing a Deed from 2000 in which John and Joe Kightlinger were partners in the
purchase of the former Wally’s Tire property in Liberty Township. I believe they still own this
an it is currently for sale. Does this raise any legal or ethical issues since the Redevelopment
Authority recently purchased the real estate of Kightlinger Motors?

Have the Christians in the area noticed that John’s Gallery store is now selling Victoria’s
Secret and Abercrombie and Fitch articles. These two companies seem to focus their raunchy ads
on teenagers. I don’t know about you but I don’t think our adolescents need any more stimulus
for their hormones than nature already provides. Shame on you, John.

The Potter Leader-Enterprise and Solomon’s Words are doing their best to sink Dan
Glassmire’s candidacy based on his buying a round of drinks at the Sweden Valley Inn. I'm
certain that has probably smitten the sensibilities of my Christian friends. What does the Bible
say about alcohol? John chapter 2 discusses Christ’s first miracle-turning water into wine at the
wedding feast of Cana. My baptist friends would tell me that was grape juice and they would
also tell me the Bible means what it says. If that is the case, and I believe it is, why did Noah get
drunk on wine and embarrass his sons? (Genesis 9:20-23). Christ stated that the Pharisees said
he was “gluttonous and a winebibber.” This probably wouldn’t have had much meaning if they
were calling him a grapejuicebibber.

Romans 14:17 to 22 does clarify this issue somewhat. It states that meat and drink are not
impure but that they should not be eaten or drunk if they cause your brother to stumble. I come
from a family that has had lots of alcoholism and I choose not to drink for this reason. If I drink a
glass of wine on a special occasion (every 5 years or so) when not in the presence of an
alcoholic, well, you can call me a hypocrite.

Christ also said that we should not be caught up on legalism but should attend to the
weightier things of the law (Matthew 23:23).

The Potter Leader-Enterprise and Solomon’s Words are not interested in the weightier
things but are concerned only with character assassination. They are fully committed to the
Potter County Conspiracy. If you have learned anything from my writings be aware that I have
given this information to these publications and they have suppressed it. That is why I have
affectionately named them the Official Newspaper and Website of the Potter County Conspiracy.
We will have a padlocking party at the Leader when it goes bankrupt-that will be fun. How
about the reader stop buying this newspaper just to see what Donald will do next.

About two weeks ago Jim Jones wrote on Solomon’s Words that he would print the
answers to my questionnaire to the Judicial Candidates on his site but he hasn’t done so. I asked
him yesterday whether that was a lapse of courage or conviction. I haven’t seen an answer yet.
I think Jim’s most enduring headline will be the one he wrote about two weeks ago that read
“Woman Urinates” . I don’t want to out you ladies but I have to tell Jim that you ladies do that.

Speaking of courage, I am surprised to see the lack of it in many of my friends and
acquaintances. In discussions the word “fear” comes up. Fear of what? Usually it is a fear of loss
of money, job a lawsuit, etc. During the Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt stated that we
have “nothing to fear but fear itself.”

The reader will recall that in part one of this letter I commended Judge John Leete for his
honesty and integrity and I stand by that statement. Compassion is also one of his assets. John
has taken my granddaughter Shannon Keating and other students to various schools in the state
to talk about suicide prevention. I’m certain that is an action above and beyond the call of his
judicial duties.

Sadly, courage doesn’t seem to be one of John’s assets. He has been overheard saying that
he had to talk to Bob Wagner about mentioning his name in this letter. It seems to be the fear
factor again. I wonder if John remembers the time many years ago that he told me he had been
“severely threatened.” He may deny this, say he doesn’t recall it or refuse to speak. He did not
give me any details. There is something precious in the First Amendment to the Constitution of
the United States called the Freedom of Speech and the Press. I take advantage of this and care
little what others think when my motive is right and when I print the truth.

Jerry Eckert had an article on Solomon’s Word yesterday. he is still trying to torpedo
Dan Glassmire over losing the property dispute lawsuit in Pike Township. I believe that Jerry
has stated in the past that this has cost him something like $60,000. In actuality he was given a
settlement offer of $12,000. which he refused. Certainly it has cost him a lot more since he
appealed this to the Superior Court of PA. I believe this case continues to smolder because he
has now been accused of damaging this property.

During the True Press and the resulting lawsuits I learned quite a bit of law. I recently
read up on the Eckert lawsuit and found there wasn’t the Minor Subdivision Jerry should have
had for the transfer of his property to his son. There was no deed recorded for the land he had
sold and no receipt for the sale he said had occurred. I don’t think the public has been made
aware of these inconsistencies.

When I wrote the True Press in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s I once had a call from
Jerry Eckert who wanted me “to get” John Smith (now John Wright). In our discussion it seemed
to me that Jerry’s agenda was a bit “shady” as well and I didn’t pursue it further.

Have I had an evil agenda over the years? Categorically no. No-one that I have written
about has harmed me or mine. I cared for (as a physician) and liked Connie Eckert and have
prayed for her recently because she has been very ill. I understand Jerry had foot problems,
possibly a toe amputation, recently and could use our prayers.

Sara Minor, Steve and Marie’s daughter is one of my granddaughter Michaela’s best
friends. They have had sleepovers at both homes. Sara has swam in our pool, etc. She has
frequently called me “grandpa” like Jenna Elliott and Emily McCready and other friends of my
natural grandchildren. She is understandably hurt and confused by my political stand so Fil ask
the reader to pray for future healing of our relationship.


Supporting Documents

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Judicial Election Letter

Part Two of Three

Robert Wagner, MD

Did the Potter County voters really believe that my letter was completed? You should
know better. If I'm anything, I'm loquacious.
To view Part One click here.

To review part one you will recall I presented a series of questions to the prospective
Judicial candidates, Dan Glassmire and Steve Minor, the answers requested by me as a Potter
County voter, a taxpayer and citizen. Within three days Dan Glassmire responded to all
questions and I documented them in the prior publication. Steve Minor did not respond.

On the question of personal corporate memberships my research disclosed numerous
commercial and residential properties held by Mr. Minor under the name Sonmar, Inc. This
corporation belonging to Steve, his wife Marie (the Mar), John Wright and Sonia Wright (the
Son). The corporate bureau of PA still lists this as an active corporation. Some citizens believe
Steve and Marie are no longer members but I refer to the recent listing. if they are not I guess
they could prove this by showing K1 corporate tax forms or a copy of the financial agreement
ending the corporation. You will recall these are some of the properties that John Wright,
Executive Director of the Potter County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities is unable to
calculate the % of HUD occupancy. Maybe John and Steve could hire Dan Glassmire to figure
this out. He seemed to be able to answer that be had six rental properties and one of them was
rented to a HUD client in the last two years.

Do we as taxpayers have a right to know who is getting our tax monies? The answer if

Does this have anything to do with the Judicial race? It certainly does. If someone is
injured on one of the properties shouldn’t we know their connection to the Judge? What if John
rents the same apartment to two HUD clients because of his lack of knowledge and one of them
sues Sonmar, LLC.

In addition to membership in Sonmar, Steve has continued to be the attorney for this
corporation and frequently for the corporations known as Choice Property Management LLC,
Choice Property Holdings LLC and the more recently incorporated Sterling Venture Group LLC.
The first is said by the members to be a Pennsylvania Corporation. The latter two are
incorporated in Nevada. These corporations have millions of dollars worth of properties in
Potter County, McKean County, Tioga County in PA and in Allegany County, NY.

Members of the above corporations who have signed for properties and mortgages will be
listed in two columns I will call the Minor column and the Watson column.

Minor Column

Watson Column

David Minor, Sr.

Luke Watson

Lorraine Minor

Megan Watson

John Minor

Becky Chapell

Gina Minor

Andrew Chapell

Jason Holmberg
(Mr. Holmberg is David’s nephew)

Doug Watson

Their ownership of the myriad properties include PA Pellets, Ulysses Lumber Company, Donis Apartment building and many others.

PA Pellets received a $325,000.00 grant a couple years ago. How much grant money have you and your family received recently?

What is the relevance to the Judgeship?
Let’s assume you are an employee injured in a fire at PA Pellets. There is criminal negligence involved. The police bring their findings to new DA Andy Watson, first cousin of the above mentioned Watsons, who then discusses this case with his law partner David Ross, nephew of David and Lorraine Minor. The case will then be heard by Judge Steve Minor whose Father, Mother, Brother, Sister-in-law and cousin own the half of the PA Pellets the Watsons don’t own. Might you be a little concerned?

Some of the money involved in the above transactions:

1. Susan Watson d/b/a Millcreek Enterprises from Choice Property Management $500,000.00

2. First Citizen’s Bank to Choice Property Management, $939,500.00 line of credit.

3. Sonmar LLC from Choice Property Management, $300,000.00

4. First Citizen’s Bank to Choice Property Management $130,000.00

5. First Citizen’s Bank to Choice Property Management $374,000.00

6. First Citizen’s Bank to Choice Property Management $782,750.00

There are many more. I don’t want to bore you. The dates are on the enclosed documents. Phil Vaughn’s First Citizen’s Bank in Ulysses seems to be supplying most of these loans. I believe Phil is President of John Wright’s Housing and Redevelopment Authorities Board. John Wright seems in an upbeat mood lately. Some of the folks in the middle of town are acting more prosperous too. This is likely a sign that John is getting some stimulus money. John might be able to get you some money but you need to know the Password, FOJ, LLC (Friend of John, don’t forget the LLC).

I will be at the Spaghetti Dinner at the Coudersport American Legion Sunday October, 25th at 4 PM. Bring any
questions and I will try to answer them.

Robert E. Wagner

Attachment Documents are available by clicking here.

An Open Letter to the Voters Concerning the November Political Election

author: Robert Wagner

This is Part One, Click Here for Part Two

In the spring of this year, full page ads occurred in the local newspaper or newspapers attacking the honesty and credibility of Judge Leete. These letters occurred as the result of Judge Leete's decision in a property dispute in Pike Township. One of the defendants in this case who was on the losing side in this decision, happened to be a friend of Judge Leete who met with John and other friends in Galeton for coffee, breakfast and conversation from time to time. He and the co-defendants might have thought this would give them an advantage in court but this was not the case.

I have known Judge Leete since he came back to Coudersport. I have at times, thought he may be a little easier on some criminal defendants than I would have been buy I have never doubted his honesty or integrity. This case was decided on it's merits and supported by the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

Since Judge Leete is retiring, the defendants in the above case could only assault his character. They could and can attempt to destroy the character of the attorney and Judicial candidate who was the winning attorney in this case, Dan Glassmire. They are spending thousands of dollars in this vindictive attempt.

Since real estate law was the topic of this trial and a frequent reason for litigation before judges, I have composed a list of questions on this matter and mailed them to both candidates for Potter County Judge. I requested a reply by the thirteenth of October, 2009.

Both attorneys received my certified letters and Mr. Glassmire responded to the questions within two or three days. Mr. Minor did not respond. I will print my letter, Mr Glassmire's response and responses to the letter to Mr. Minor, which response is compiled by me through my research. Copies of all pertinent documents will be included and thus I plan to release this information over the next several days. You will find the infromation is fact and not conjecture.

Copies of letters can be found by clicking here.

The only addition to Mr. Galssmire's response is that the President of Northern Tier Abstract and presumably the only other stockholder is Attorney Alan Acker. If my research is wrong I will ask them to correct me.

Answers to questions posed to Mr. Minor, as supported by research and documentation.

1. Real Estate:

In addition to their home on Maple Street in Coudersport, the Minor's own a multi-unit apartment building on Rt. 6 West and located on the left side of the road across from the turn onto Elk Street. I have reason to believe that they own other unincorporated real estate, but do not have evidence of this currently.

2. Corporations:

A. Steve and Marie are corporate members with John and Sonia Wright in Sonmar, LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). The name is obviously derived from Sonia and Marie, the wives of the principals.

Sonmar owns or recently owned:

B. The large apartment building and commercial building on the corner of South Main Street and Allegany Avenue. This houses the China Garden restaurant, driver's license office, Dickinson Mental Health office and multiple apartments.
C. The Penney's building on North Main Street with commercial space and multiple apartments.
D. The mini-mall on Main Street next to the Courthouse Annex. This contains numerous commercial units as well as multiple apartments.
E. The Maple Tree restaurant on North Main street that has since been sold to Walter Baker individually or to his corporation Baker-Boyz Enterprises, LLC
F. The Dorris Apartments building on North Main Street. This is a multi-tenant building and was sold by Sonmar to Choice Property Management,LLC on 3/2/07. This corporation has many members and extensive real estate holdings. Members include: David Minor Sr., Lorraine Minor, John Minor, Gina Minor,el al.,
G. Steven P.B. Minor LLC, Corporate Office 219 N.Main Street, Port Allegany, PA

3. Attorney Minor has been an attorney of record for numerous transactions by the two corporations named Choice Property Management. LLC and Choice Property Holding,LLC. Corporate office for both corporations are listed as 255 Chapell Drive Coudersport, PA. The first corporation is a Pennsylvania Corporation the second is a Nevada corporation. Officers of the Nevada corporation are Becky Chapell, Douglas Watson and Julie Watson.

The Pennsylvania corporation is not listed in the corporate bureau.

Local members who have signed real estate documents include the Minor, Watson and Chapell families mentioned above and also include Luke Watson and Jason Holmberg who are listed as the President and Vice President of Choice Property Management. The latter two individuals are also the President and Vice President of PA Pellets, Inc. This corporation was the recipient of a 325,000.00 PA Energy Envelopment grant in 2007.

4. I have been unable to get a simple answer to the question of how many of the myriad apartments owned by Sonmar,et al. are HUD subsidized. John Wright, Executive Director of the Potter County Housing and Redevelopment Authorities says he does not know the answer to that question. Get real! How did he get his job?

Supporting documents can be found by clicking here.

Robert E. Wagner MD


195 N. Hollow Road

Coudersport, PA 16915

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